Designer Engagement Rings: Yay or Nay

Are Designer Brands Worth It?

Choosing an engagement ring is very exciting, but can be overwhelming, especially for the gentlemen. Stalking your spouse’s Pinterest page may lead you to designer names with big price tags. So you ask, are the designer brands worth it?

Here’s a test: both of these rings are platinum solitaires with a 1 carat, VS2, I color round brilliant diamond. One is $12,900, the other is $7,700. Can you tell the difference?

Designer vs Off Brand

When choosing the perfect engagement ring, there are a few things to consider first and foremost…Her Style, The Diamond, and your Budget.

Her Style:

Rings come in many shapes, sizes and looks, from classic solitaire style (single stone on a simple band) to vintage looks with intricate designs around the ring. Knowing her style is the key to finding the perfect ring. Some women are drawn to a designer, such as Tiffany & Co., while others are crazy over a specific look. Knowing the difference is the game changer when you begin you search. Just know, designer styles come with designer price tags.

The Diamond:

When it comes to diamonds, it’s all about the 4 C’s….Cut (how well the diamond is proportioned for its shape), Clarity (how many birthmarks are in the stone), Color (the amount of color, usually yellow, in the stone) & Carat (how large the stone). These features are what give the diamonds its value. You need to ask yourself, am I crazy about how great the stone is, or am I more concerned with the designer look of the ring. Many designer rings will use “average” quality stones, as you are paying for the designer name rather than the quality of stone. If designer isn’t important, your focus can be on finding the perfect stone and then the mounting to create a one-of-a-kind look.


Setting a budget for your ring purchase is key. Walking out with sticker shock is a real thing. In a designer ring, the most expensive part of the ring is the Designer name. In an “off-brand” ring, you put your budget toward the center stone quality. Either way, knowing your budget and what it can get you is important. Also, be mindful that what she is pinning on Pinterest, may be a larger scale of what budget may allow. The good news, there is always a way to get the look she will love, with the budget you have.

To sum all this up….Designer is perfect…. if she loves the Designer, and must have the “IT” ring…and you have the budget. But why spend the extra money for the NAME, rather than get her the look with better specs? Who wants the same ring that Susie down the street has, when you can have something spectacular and unique to you!