A Piece of History

Nestled in the corners of our store are the estate cases with treasures new and old. Although previously enjoyed, our estate pieces bring a unique and sometimes vintage flair to complement our new trends. Diamonds, gemstones and gold have been recycled for hundreds of years, so each piece has a history we may never know. Be part of giving it a new life.

Gold Estate Jewelry by Diamonds and More Jewelers in Farmington, Missouri

New Arrivals

Diamond Horseshoe Ring

14 Karat White Gold, Estimated 1.00 carats of diamonds, Size 6.5


Cameo Ring

10 Karat Yellow, Pink Shell Cameo, Size 5.5


XOXO Tennis Bracelet

14 Karat Yellow Gold, Estimated 1.50 carats of diamonds. 7 inches.


Owl Ring

14 Karat Yellow Gold. Approx. 0.30 carats of diamonds & Cat’s Eyes. Size 9


Vintage Engagement Ring

18 Karat White Gold, Estimated 0.25 carat diamond. Size 2.5


Vintage Fashion Ring

14 Karat White, Estimated 0.60 carats of Diamonds, Size 8.5


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Tracy came to us in October with a ring and feeling. Her daughter Ashley was getting married, and she wanted to give her something special. After the passing of Ashley’s grandmother, Tracy knew that using the diamonds in her wedding ring would be the best remembrance for Ashley of the bond they shared.

With a vision, Tracy came into the store and talked with our jewelers. She shared the story of Ashley and her Grandmother, the 46 years of marriage the diamond celebrated and the love of the color blue. So the idea of a “Something Old, Something Blue” was formed.

Set in a white gold free form ring, the diamond from Ashley’s grandmother’s wedding ring sparkles with a glimmer of blue above to remind Ashley of the Love her Grandmother had for her.

It’s moments like these we take pride in. Creating new memories, new feelings, around cherished thoughts and love. A special Thank You toPureSonic for this picture, capturing the beauty of this custom design and the emotions of the day for this couple.

We love custom designing rings with meaning! This ring is a celebration of remission. The green jade representing lymphoma and the pink coral representing breast cancer. We are sure that every time the lovely looks at this, she will be reminded of just how strong she is.
We love customers that trust us with memories!
The gentleman bought this ring for his mother in 1977. When he found the love of his life his mother gave the ring back so he could propose. His wife has since upgraded but still wears this ring daily. He came in with just the mounting because the diamond had been lost. We found him the perfect stone (in store) and have this beauty shinning like when he first purchased it. And it only took a day! Now his wife can see its shine like the first time his mother did. ❤️❤️?
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