2018 Fall/Winter Trends

2018 Fall/Winter Trends

Yes..I know you are thinking…but summer just started!! We hear you!

Fashion on the runway never stops and is always a season ahead. So we are bringing you some fashion trends you won’t want to miss out on this fall/winter!

These are our renditions of the hottest trends.

1.) Nature: Chanel went to the runway with a into the woods theme while Valentino brought in sterling silver boho feather.

2. Orbiting in Space:Dior, Erdem, and Jacqeumus added some space flair with colored stones featuring planets, stars and moons.

3. Pinky Rings: Midi rings have been in the spotlight for sometime now, but soon you’ll see pinky rings as the main star.

4. Gold Hoop Earrings: Layer multiple hoop lengths, or pair with a button stud.

5. Chunky Chains:Layering thin chains of different lengths is still a top trend, Runway brought in the chunk with metal chains.